At the SGCH Group, accountability and integrity are some of our core values and we encourage people to report any genuine concerns about misconduct within our companies as soon as they become aware of it. We expect behaviour to align with our Code of Conduct and we will not tolerate unethical, corrupt or illegal behaviour or other misconduct.

What is misconduct?

Some examples of misconduct include:

  • fraud or misappropriation of funds
  • corrupt or criminal conduct
  • failure to follow any legal or regulatory obligation
  • unethical or other serious improper conduct, including serious breaches of company policies and procedures.

What is an eligible Whistleblower?

Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), people who make a report about reportable conduct are called an eligible whistleblower. In 2019, the Australian Government broadened the definition of an eligible Whistleblower to include any person who is, or has been any of the following:

  • an officer of our companies
  • an employee of our companies
  • a person who supplies services or goods to us (whether paid or unpaid)
  • an employee of a person that supplies services or goods to us (whether paid or unpaid)
  • a person who is an associate of our companies
  • a relative or a dependant of any of the above people, or a dependant of their spouse.

How can I make a report?

If you are an eligible whistleblower and have concerns about misconduct in relation to our companies, you can report it to our external whistleblowing service or to one of our Whistleblower Protection Officers (WPO).

Reporting to our whistleblowing service

Our whistleblowing service is managed by Your Call. You can make a Protected Report:

  • online using Your Call’s website: https://www.yourcall.com.au/report – You will be required to enter our unique identifier code SGCH38
  • by phone using Your Call’s external reporting hotline: 1300 790 228 (between 9am and 12am AEST on recognised business days)

Reporting to our Whistleblower Protections Officers (WPO)

You can make a Protected Report by contacting a WPO directly. Our WPOs are:

If you choose to report directly to a WPO, do not report concerns to someone who you suspect may be involved in the conduct or anyone that may have a conflict of interest.

If you do not comfortable in making a report to our external whistleblowing service or a WP​O, you can also make a report to another eligible recipient as outlined in our Whistleblower policy.

What information do I need to provide?

When making a report, you should clearly outline:

  • the issue or concern (e.g. the type of misconduct)
  • the individual(s) involved
  • your reasons for believing that the misconduct has occurred
  • the type and location of any evidence that may help us to investigate your report (if known).

This is to ensure that we have enough information to take appropriate action without delay.

Do I need to provide my details when making a report?

When making a report, you can choose to be anonymous, however, remaining fully anonymous can make it difficult for us to investigate your report, communicate with you and to protect you from detriment.

Will SGCH protect eligible whistleblowers who make reports?

We are committed to protecting eligible whistleblowers and will respect confidentiality as required by law.

We will not tolerate any detriment towards eligible whistleblowers or others (e.g. people who are suspected whistleblowers or people who participate in investigations).

A report made by an eligible whistleblower in accordance with our Whistleblower Policy is a Protected Report which receives these legal protections.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, please read our Whistleblower Policy.




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