Change of Auditors

As part of the periodic re-tender of external auditing services to ensure appropriate independence and competitiveness of auditing services, the appointment of KPMG was approved by the members at the 27 November 2021 AGM as external auditor for a three year period commencing in the 2020-21 financial year. ASIC has accepted the resignation of the outgoing auditor, BDO. The details for KPMG are found in the Contact Us section of our website.


Special Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the Company

The Company is seeking approval from the Active Members of St George Community Housing Limited for the adoption of a modified constitution at the Annual General Meeting 2021 (AGM).  If approved, the Modified Constitution will be effective from the date of the AGM.


Copy of Modified Constitution


A copy of the Modified Constitution containing the changes will be tabled at the AGM and printed copies of the Modified Constitution will be sent to any Member at the Company’s expense on request to:

Company Secretary

St George Community Housing

PO Box 348

Hurstville BC NSW 1481