PAYCE and SGCH welcome the Riverwood Masterplan

Media Release, 6 July 2016

The NSW Government announcement that it will commence work on a masterplan for the entire Washington Park site at Riverwood North is a major boost for the local community, PAYCE Consolidated General Manager, Dominic Sullivan and the CEO of SGCH Group, Scott Langford said today.

“We applaud the NSW Government for having the foresight and genuine commitment to deliver better communities for the vulnerable,” Mr Sullivan said.

“We believe that in partnership with the NSW Government we have demonstrated at Washington Park what can be achieved.

“This announcement will give other families the opportunity to not only enjoy first-rate accommodation but also a better quality of life.

“Since completion of the new social and affordable housing at Washington Park we have seen a community thrive.”

Mr Langford said: “We’ve seen with the first stage of the development what a successful public-private partnership can achieve and what community housing providers can bring to the table in the development space. There is opportunity to now build on that success with the next stage of the development.”

Under the plan announced by Housing Minister, Brad Hazzard, an area of 30.5 hectares of the Riverwood estate is being submitted as a State Significant Precinct (SSP) which will involve planning to identify all types of housing, community amenity, services and infrastructure needed for the local population.

Mr Langford said safe and secure housing is a basic human right and the backbone of the strong, vibrant communities that make up the great places in which we all want to live.

“It is essential that we have an adequate housing supply, located close to transport infrastructure and amenities, to cater for the diverse needs of all people in our society,” he said.

Mr Sullivan and Mr Langford said that PAYCE and SGCH look forward to participating in the consultation process.


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