SGCH welcomes government commitments to ensure tenants are safely housed during the COVID-19 crisis.

For SGCH, our priority is sustaining a home for our 11,000 customers, including many vulnerable people, and keeping our essential services running including temporary accommodation funding.

We have a Financial Hardship – Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures policy in place to help keep people safe in their homes and avoid rental debts. We invite any SGCH tenant who as a result of COVID-19 is in financial distress and unable to meet their commitments to contact us. We will work with individual households to tailor arrangements based on their needs.

For our customers in social housing where rent is assessed based on income, SGCH is not proceeding with the biannual rent review. We will not include Coronavirus Supplements, Special Payments or the Government Stimulus Payment as assessable income for social housing tenants. This means around 95% of our customers will have more money in their household budget to meet expenses whilst continuing to pay a social housing rent.

Though the way we operate has changed for now, we continue to serve and support our communities. I want to thank our customers, contractors, partners, government and staff for the way they have adapted in response to the pandemic. The spirit of the SGCH community is inspiring, together we will keep our focus on supporting each other through these unprecedented times.

Scott Langford,