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Accessibility Help

To make sure our website is accessible for people with disability, there are features built into the site that you can use, explaiend below. For information on ways you can adjust your computer to improve accessibility, go to My Computer My Way, a collection of guides created by UK charity AbilityNet.

Increase the font size

At the top right of our website there is a font resizing tool, pictured below, that you can use to make the text bigger or smaller. Just press the plus symbol to make text bigger, or the minus symbol to make it smaller.

Screenshot highlighting font resize tool

OpenDyslexic Font

At the top right of our website there is a button to change the site font to OpenDyslexic, a font designed by Abelardo González. Some people with dyslexia may find this font easier or more comfortable to read, although studies suggest it does not improve reading rate or accuracy. Just click the word OpenDyslexic to switch the font on, or press it again to switch it off.

Screenshot highlighting OpenDyslexic font tool

Contact us using the National Relay Service

As noted on our Contact Us page, if you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us through the National Relay Service on 133 677. Our phone number to provide to the service is 1800 573 370.

Other accessibility practice

  • We check all documents we upload to our website for accessibility and compliance with screen readers
  • We include alt text for all images
  • We check colour contrast of text to ensure it can be read
  • We write all new documents in Plain English and are gradually going through older documents to update them into Plain English
  • We have staff trained in writing documents in Easy Read format and have translated key lease documents. Other documents can be adapted into Easy Read format on request.

If you find any parts of our website that don’t meet these goals, please let us know at or on 1800 573 370


Useful documents

SGCH Statement of Commitment to Housing People with Disability

Our policy on making Modifications to your property

Our webpage explaining how to make appeals or complaints