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We have a dedicated team to help you throughout your tenancy. To get in touch with our team call 1800 573 370.

Smiling staff member sitting at her work desk wearing a phone headset

Tenancy Support

When you become an SGCH customer, we will support you to understand how your tenancy works, respond to your requests and actively work with you to sustain your tenancy.

SGCH will:

  • provide you with details of your tenancy agreement
  • maintain regular contact with you and arrange support services if needed to help you sustain your tenancy
  • complete yearly (and other) home visits to ensure we can best understand your needs and meet them where possible
  • maintain your tenancy records and ensure we always maintain your privacy and confidentiality
  • regularly communicate with support agencies, landlords/agents, government and non-government agencies to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service and outcomes as our customer
  • be your point of contact for any:
    • tenancy related questions or enquiries you may have
    • neighbourhood issues that need to be addressed
  • keep you informed about:
    • updates to SGCH policies and procedures, as well as other legislative changes that may impact you
    • engagement opportunities and our Housing Plus products that you can apply for
    • the process for complaints and appeals.
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Rent and Payments

We will help with any questions about your rent and payments. 

SGCH can:

  • explain the rent review and arrears processes to you
  • provide you with advice about keeping your rent up to date
  • negotiate a repayment plan with you, if you fall behind with your rent payments
  • recommend specialist support if you are struggling to make payments, and arrange for you to receive appropriate financial assistance and advice on budget and managing your money
  • help make sure you are getting all the income you are entitled to from Centrelink.
Two staff looking at paperwork together at an office desk
SGCH handy person with a drill working on a doorway

Maintenance Services

Maintaining your home and requesting repairs.

When you call on 1800 573 370 to log a repair or log online, SGCH will:

  • provide you with a job number so you can track the progress of your repairs with our team
  • arrange for a contractor to do the work (where we own or manage the property)
  • liaise with real estate agents, landlords or property owner for work to be done if needed
  • arrange repairs at a time that is convenient for you
  • follow up to ensure that work is completed

If you need to report a repair, please see our Repairs and Maintenance page.

Repairs & Maintenance

Community Programs, Activities and Events

We offer a range of programs, services, activities and events 

You can get involved in your local community by:

  • becoming a member of a Local Tenant Group or cultural group
  • joining in tenant led projects
  • attending community events or programs
  • participating in one of our community initiatives such as our gardening projects or home energy assessments (to help you reduce your energy bills).
A young woman standing up in audience at a conference holding the microphone