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SGCH can link you with an appropriate support agency or program to help you maintain your tenancy and independence

Our Support Coordination team can work with you to identify your needs. They will explain the types of support available to you and connect you with appropriate support agencies based on your needs and preferences. Our aim is identify what your options are, and provide information that will help you decide the best way forward. Our staff have expertise in a number of areas including mental health, homelessness, domestic and family violence, drug and alcohol dependence, youth and aged care, and have forged partnerships with a number of community agencies to provide wrap around services.

Two women speaking to each other on a bench seat in SGCH reception

How does it work?

You can speak directly to our Support Coordination team, or ask another staff member to make a referral on your behalf. 

Other SGCH staff may also refer you to the Support Coordination team if they are concerned for your wellbeing or your tenancy, and the team will get in touch to see if you would like their help. 

We will never refer you to any external support service without your permission and you can withdraw from the process at any time. 

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Privacy disclaimer

For more information on how SGCH manages privacy and confidentiality, see our privacy policy


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Support partners and programs

For more information about our support partners and some of the programs we run, please click on the links below: 

Support partners and affiliates Support programs
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