Inquiry into housing affordability and supply

14 September 2021

SGCH welcomes the opportunity to provide a brief submission to the Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue   inquiry into the contribution of tax and regulation on housing affordability and supply in Australia. Our hope is the inquiry will draw on and complement other government reviews and reports, leading to structural reform that in the decades ahead will create a legacy of a well-formed housing system that has a great place for everyone.   

This means a functioning continuum of housing options from rental to homeownership that provide access to safe, sustainable and affordable homes.  

Housing markets are complex with a range of direct and indirect policy settings impacting on housing affordability. What is clear is that housing in Australia is increasingly unaffordable and that this risks significant social and economic consequences.  

Since 2017, SGCH has successfully mobilised private investment of $475 million that leverages government contributions and has supported a pipeline of over 1,000 new social and affordable homes. Crucially, the delivery and operations of social and affordable housing by community housing providers does not infringe on the viability of market development.  

Our role is to be a coordinating partner with the capability, expertise and vision to draw in a range of contributions from different levels of government and mix this with capital and capability from the private sector to achieve change and improve outcomes for individuals and communities. 

Our submission is based on over 35 years experience in delivering and operating social and affordable housing across Sydney.