To support our vision of great places for everyone, SGCH has integrated place making with community development work, taking a holistic approach to community engagement.

SGCH’s Community, Place and Partnership team drives change through our people and place outcomes framework. Shaping communities through place making, we bring community members together through a range of health-related and social activities. The programs and activities we offer our customers are based on three pillars:

  • social events
  • health and wellbeing
  • training and education.

One of the main ways our customers can get involved, plan activities and give us feedback on ways we can improve our services is through our local tenant groups. To find out more, please contact our Communities, Place and Partnerships team at or on 1800 573 370.

Get involved online with CCP Studio

In response to COVID-19, all SGCH social events, tenant groups and activities are currently on hold until further notice. However, staying at home can still be active and fun. We have relaunched our online CPP Studio for groups like yoga, gardening, gentle exercise and more. Read our news post to find out how you can still get involved.

 Tenant Participation at SGCH

At SGCH, customers and communities are our top priority. Our vision of great places for everyone means we don’t just give people a roof over their head, we offer a variety of services and initiatives to support and engage residents and their communities.

Our local tenant groups are one of the main ways our residents can get involved, plan activities, learn more about SGCH and give us feedback and suggestions on ways we can improve our services.

Due to COVID-19, we are doing things a little bit differently, however our tenant groups are still continuing to meet using the program Zoom. If you would like to get involved, please contact our Communities, Place and Partnerships team on 1800 573 370 or at

Why get involved?

For SGCH to develop good initiatives and programs, and improve our service to you, we need your input – your voice is important to us. One way you can share what you think is by being part of a local tenant group. These provide you with an opportunity to regularly meet with other people in your community.

What are local tenant groups for?

The role of our local tenant groups is to:

  • help you meet new people in your community
  • encourage other residents to get involved
  • learn new skills
  • plan activities
  • have input into SGCH policies
  • provide feedback to SGCH.

Who can join?

The groups are open to all SGCH residents. You can join any time during the year – just contact us at or on 1800 573 370.

What types of groups are there?

There are currently local tenant groups running in a number of areas.

Groups can be based on geography, culture or common interests. If there isn’t one in your area, we can help you set one up.

The current local groups are:

      • Campbelltown
      • Liverpool
      • Fairfield
      • Riverwood
      • Lane Cove
      • Artarmon
      • Gladesville
      • Cammeray
      • Chinese Tenants’ Group
      • Vietnamese Tenants’ Group
      • Lao Tenants’ Group
      • Arabic Tenants’ Group
      • Assyrian Tenants’ Group
      • Bonnyrigg Youth Council

How often do groups meet?

Local tenant groups can meet as many times as they want. Each group has Terms of Reference which outline the purpose of the group, any voting processes, how the meetings will run and the terms of membership of the group.

Who runs the meetings?

The meetings are run by tenants, for tenants.

SGCH staff are also available to support the groups. We can help with administrative tasks, such as mailouts or promoting the group.

How is SGCH involved?

SGCH’s Community, Place and Partnerships Team supports the local tenant groups and will ensure that there is good communication between both parties. They will also ensure inclusiveness, and that the Terms are followed so that everyone gets their say.

Groups can invite SGCH staff to meetings to help improve their local communities. Groups are affiliated with the Tenant Coordination Panel (see below) and group members can become an elected representative on the panel.

What is the Tenant Coordination Panel?

The SGCH Tenant Coordination Panel is made up of up to 10 tenants from across our regions. These tenants are either part of a local tenant group, or from a cultural group (eg the Chinese Group). The Tenant Coordination Panel connects tenants with the SGCH management team and other tenant groups.

The panel meets at least four times a year and is guided by Terms of Reference.

Are there special benefits?

Members of the local tenant groups or Tenant Coordination Panel do not receive any special advantages and follow the same policies and procedures as other residents.

How do I join or start a group?

If you would like to discuss setting up or joining a local tenant group in your area, please contact one of our Community Liaison Coordinators on 1800 573 370 or at

People are the lifeblood of every community, and when people are connected and engaged, communities thrive and lives are enriched.

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