Indigenous Art Classes

14 December 2022

Maureen Clayton, a proud Wiradjuri woman and SGCH customer, led a series of art workshops in the Bonnyrigg Community Room during October.

“There is no right or wrong way when it comes to art,” she says. “I always encourage both Indigenous and non-Indigenous families and children to join in.”

A number of Bonnyrigg families took up the opportunity to participate in the classes – some people wanted to ensure their children learnt about Aboriginal culture, while others were intrigued by the art itself and the painting techniques Maureen uses.

The classes offered more than art, though. Maureen shared her knowledge of culture and own life experiences and encouraged others to do the same. Through Maureen, the group also learnt about symbolism and some of the ideas represented in Indigenous art.

“Art is a beautiful way to express yourself and I hope to connect people from all walks of life,” says Maureen. “I like to bring the community together, sharing stories and yarning.”

Various Indigenous artwork displayed on a table including painted eggs, wood cuts, table cloths and more Maureen painting at a table during art class