Teaching Tech

14 December 2022

Some of our Lane Cove customers were recently involved in Tech2Connect – an eight-week workshop funded by the Lane Cove Council Community Grants Program.

Its focus was on teaching participants a range of vital digital skills, like how to download apps, update important details online, send emails and how to use a mobile phone to connect with family.

A lot of fun was had while this course was underway, with customers exploring using the Google Translate app to communicate with one another in different languages.

The results of a survey of customers who completed the program found:

  • 100% satisfaction from participants that the program met their needs.
  • 60% of participants agreed the program improved their confidence in using their digital devices, the remaining 40% agreed their confidence level is same as before.
  • All participants agreed that the program made them feel more connected to the community.

Seven smiling adults, some wearing masks, post for a photo indoors Five smiling adults sitting around a table with their tech devices