Strong leadership builds on emergency response

9 June 2020 – Leading community housing provider SGCH welcomes the NSW Government announcement of Together Home, a $36 million investment into our communities. Together Home will support people experiencing homelessness by providing safe and secure housing with wrap around support services. Community housing providers will partner with government, specialist homelessness and health services to deliver the program.

The announcement from Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services Gareth Ward builds upon the emergency response and leverages partnerships that have seen people safely housed through the COVID-19 pandemic.

SGCH Group CEO Scott Langford says “Beyond the first response to the pandemic crisis, now, through strong joint leadership we see the advocacy and persistence of Minister Gareth Ward, the commitment of Premier Gladys Berejiklian to halving homelessness and the Treasurer Dominic Perrottet investing in our communities. This $36 million investment into the short and medium term will benefit hundreds of people with affordable housing and connect people with the services and support they need.

“The government must be commended for ensuring the temporary accommodation response through COVID-19 was the first step of a longer-term plan to halve the number of people sleeping rough across NSW by 2025. We look forward to continuing to partner with the government and services to deliver strong outcomes for our communities and improve lives of individuals and families.”

SGCH operates a number of programs and services that address homelessness and transitional housing including;

  • Northern Sydney – Across the area we work collaboratively with partners including homelessness services, local councils and community centres, local police command, NSW Health and mental health services to respond to homelessness and ensure we are delivering responsive housing and support services to rough sleepers.
  • Port Jackson Supported Housing Program – providing 211 units of supported housing in the inner Sydney area aimed at people with high support needs that cannot be met through the existing housing services
  • Development pipeline – under construction and due for completion in early 2021, Foyer Central will offer a mix of affordable and social housing including units for young people at risk of homelessness. Our planned project at Botany Road, Alexandria includes units dedicated to support rough sleepers under a commitment to the City of Sydney council.