At SGCH we believe that you should have access to quality, reliable household items. However, we understand that household goods can be very expensive and at times, unaffordable.

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What is the DigiConnect program?

The DigiConnect program gives you the opportunity to buy digital tools, at a discounted total cost.

SGCH buys the agreed product on your behalf (details below), you get to take it home on the day you sign the repayment plan, and then you pay SGCH back through installments across one year – just the cost of the item, no interest.

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

  • have been a tenant of SGCH for at least three months
  • not be in rent arrears or debt
  • be able to make the minimum repayments over one year
  • be prepared to sign a contract with SGCH to agree to the repayments

How does it work?

You simply apply using our online form and tick which of the packages you want to buy. SGCH keeps a small stock of each item, so once we have had time to process your application we will contact you to arrange for you to pick it up and sign your repayment plan on the same day.

What are the packages available?

ProductTotal costMinimum Fortnightly repayments
Samsung Galaxy A12 Smartphone
Unlocked (you choose your own network provider), 4GB RAM/128GB ROM
10.2”, Wi-Fi, 32GB, silver
HP 2D7C1PA laptop
2.4 GHz Intel Pentium dual-core processor, 8GB RAM, 14" screen, HD camera, Windows 10 Operating System
Samsung Galaxy Tablet A
Wi-Fi 32GB 8.0”, black
Fitbit Charge 4

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How long does it take?

You are able to apply for DigiConnect all year round. Please allow two weeks for our Housing Plus Coordinator to process your application. It may not take that long, depending on how many other applications there are for us to process.

How many items can I get?

The total of each DigiConnect application must be under $1000. You can apply for DigiConnect again once any previous items are paid off, but there is a limit of 5 approved applications per tenancy, each calendar year.

When will applications open?

Applications for DigiConnect are always open, and are processed during the work week.

How much would my repayments be?

We require repayment within a year. Your minimum fortnightly repayments depend on which package you choose and also how you want to make the repayments.

The minimum repayments are listed in the table above, however if you wanted to make your repayments using Centrepay, you would need to pay at least $10 fortnightly (Centrelink’s minimum required amount for Centrepay arrangements). This would just mean you pay off the loan faster.

How do I work out if I can afford the repayments as well as my rent?

There are some great free budgeting tools available that help you work out if you can afford the minimum repayments for DigiConnect, like this Money Smart planner.

Can I fill out a paper application for DigiConnect?

View or download the DigiConnect application form, or you can request a copy at any of our offices.

I can’t afford the minimum repayments for DigiConnect. Are there any other ways I can get help affording digital tools?

Centrelink options
Good Shepherd Interest Free Loan

I have another question

If you have any other questions, please contact our Housing Plus Coordinator at